As March unfolds, transitioning from winter's chill to the warmth of spring, Brunch is pleased to announce the l’Amour Shearling, our newest collection in 2 colorways, Arctic and Solaris. 

Our campaign focuses on the beauty of simple moments within the ever-changing seasons. Winter, with its essence of hibernation, invites us to embrace coziness, while Spring, with the returns of the sun’s heat, encourages us to step outside. In this transition between seasons, we find ourselves stuck at a mental crossroads of whether we should reside indoors or venture into nature.

In a similar vein, Photographed by Anthony Cosme, and video by Kenny Beyda, our campaign narrative follows a girl who wakes up on a slow paced March morning, battling whether she should leave her home or not. As the video progresses, she comes to a compromise, dragging her couch outside and bringing all her introverted winter activities to her front lawn, into the woods she goes.

A reminder to appreciate the often overlooked transition between seasons.

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