Valentine's Day is here! It's the day that hopeless romantics wait for, that some dread of, and others hope they don’t mess up. The day where love is tangled in a web of failed plans no matter how hard or how little you try. 

Lucky for you, Brunch Concierge is here. 

The infamous difficulty to find a thoughtful gift and secure a reservation at a NYC hot spot restaurant is an anxious feeling we all know too well. This season, Brunch is making it a one stop experience for a perfect Valentine’s Day: from a perfect planned (even if last minute) date night to getting the most well thought out gift for your special Valentine. 

In this experience, we will be sharing a limited edition exclusive custom bundle filled with a choice of our core l’Essentiel slippers with a limited edition Brunch red box, a gourmet made Brunch chocolate heart made from love by the team at Cacao by Ciprani, and our fan favorite Brunch Bear with a heart embroidered red sweater. Plus, topping it all off, offering free reservations at the most highly sought after restaurants in New York. 

It's 1-800-Brunch, your hotline for help.

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