Brunch Grandkord Corduroy Slippers


Fall and nostalgia go hand in hand - the rustling leaves, the crispier air, the reminiscing of simpler times. To us, hanging out with Grandpa is what captures this feeling best. With him, we got to do all the things our parents would not let us do - breakfast for dinner, riding the tractor like it’s F1, and playing backgammon before doing our homework. Ironically, Grandpa was the only adult I could be a kid with. 

Designed with grandpa in mind, Brunch is pleased to announce the ‘Grandkords’ collection, a range of corduroy styles to keep you warm and classy this fall. This new collection is inspired by corduroy puffer jackets and is designed to have extra foam for warmth to keep you and your feet feeling on cloud nine at all times. The puffer is the perfect lightweight and insulated shoe for any activity and will be available in Cream, Walnut, and Frost this fall while the L’essentiel is the perfect sleek slipper that comes in olive, black , and cream. 

As we launch these new styles, we hope to remind you that love between generations never goes out of style - text your grandparents or give them a hug as we embrace the cozy comfort of our new footwear and the onset of fall. 

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