The Brunch Bunch

The Brunch Bunch

Meet the Brunch Bunch, the less-than-picture-perfect nuclear family, indulging in some all around summer fun while wearing the Brunch Summer Collection.

Nothing says summer more than the comforting nostalgia of a family BBQ - the smell of sizzling hotdogs, convincing your little cousin that if he swallows a watermelon seed, it’ll start to grow inside of him, and dodging questions from your grandparents about last term’s grades. 

On this sticky afternoon, the Brunch Bunch family enjoys the summer sun and smell of sizzling hotdogs as William, the ‘grill master,’ Brunch works his magic while Wally and James Brunch hit each other with pool noodles. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about each character.

William Brunch 
A doting husband, Bill the ‘grill master’ enjoys the occasional ice cold beer after a long work day and when he’s not sleeping with the neighbor. 

Carol Brunch 
A lovely lady and faithful wife, Carol is a good Christian mother when she’s not drinking Chardonnay out of her coffee mug. 

Robert Brunch
A veteran of WW I, Robert ‘Will’ Brunch loves his family, except he can’t remember any of his grandchildren’s names. 

June Brunch
Matriarch of the family, June, has red lipstick on her teeth, and consistently smells of Spray Net hairspray. 

Wally Brunch 
As the first and eldest son, Wally is an all-star athlete when he’s not bullying his little brother. 

James Brunch
The youngest song and will forever live in Wally’s shadow. 

Linda Brunch 
Similar to her brother, she is also an all-star athlete; she can chug three beers in less than a minute. 

Wendy Brunch
In true middle child fashion, Wendy is the gray sheep of the family. She is a vegetarian and is currently on a hunger strike after the family BBQ. 

The Brunch Bunch