Brunch Summer Slipper Collection


Unlike other cities, New York never takes a break - we bring our ‘vacation energy’ to it. Even when we take the Long Island Expressway and head east to the Hamptons to seek some refuge from the sweltering heat, something always draws us back to the city. Our campaign summer in NYC is inspired by embracing the magic that is summertime in our concrete jungle - raw and vibrant. 

Shot by Anthony Cosme, we featured New Yorkers in their element as they improvised being poolside without a pool. We captured a group of teens who transformed their grungy rooftop into their version of fun - lounging under the sun people watching followed by cooling off in their blow up pool. We hoped to tell the story of the lively energy and resourcefulness New Yorkers hold in bringing their ‘vacation energy’ into a place they call home. 

To survive the summer, Brunch will be launching our perfect summer kit on June 28th 12pm est! The kit includes a PoolSlide , BrunchSurf Shirt , Swim Short and Frescobol / Brunch Paddle set, each item perfect for lounging by the pool or soaking under the summer heat in an elevated look. To commemorate the launch of our summer collection and to heighten the summer spirit, Brunch will be hosting a party on the top of ModernHaus to encourage people to party like it's 1999 again as we host an epic pool party! We will also be having a dunk tank in store to continue this playful lively spirit that embodies summertime in NYC

Shop our summer collection here and be transported to your favorite summer days at the beach. 






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