Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Brunch introduces Spring Fever. 

It’s getting warmer outside and there is a change in the air. Spring is here to stay and chances are you are showing at least one of the Spring Fever symptoms. 

No, it’s not an actual fever but sources do report that increased daylight decreases melatonin levels leaving people feeling more energized, an increased sense of happiness and leaves more time for the outdoors. 

Here are the tell tale signs that you have caught Spring Fever

1. You're Smiling More

The seasonal depression is over and your vitamin D levels are at an all time high. You're happier and find yourself smiling, whistling and being nice for no reason. You even remember to send all your FB contacts a Happy Birthday Message.

2. From Hot to Iced

Your daily Starbucks order has changed and it's only iced coffee from here on out. Evener your 3 o'clock pick-me-up is an espresso longo over lice. 

3. Black Tee Overheat 

Wearing all black is no longer an option and color seems to make its way back into your wardrobe. 

4. Weekend Gets Longer

The weekend now begins on Thursday night and you stay out later because Summer Fridays have started and you're heading out to your beach house early to miss that Holland Tunnel traffic.

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