Brunch x Hirshleifers Slipper Collab


Stepping into Hirshleifers is like stepping into a fashion sanctuary. However, unlike the chaotic hustle and bustle of department stores, what sets this luxury shopping destination apart is the genuine warmth that envelops you as soon you step through their doors. 

At Hirshleifers you won’t find your run-of-the mill items. Instead, a curated selection of creme de la creme items ranging from Chanel to Nike. Now run by fourth generation Hirshleifers, Lori and Marci, the Hirshleifer family has built something unique and personal. As they say great taste cannot be replicated by any algorithm - and that’s why in any section of this fashion maze, their DNA comes through - wholesome and familiar. 

In the same vein, we are so excited to announce the launch of our first ever knit style that embodies both the Hirshleifer and Brunch DNA. Spun in Mexico, the upper knit pattern is made from the recycled cotton yarn that maintains its noticeable softness while retaining its durability - leaving your foot wrapped in comfort. 

Exclusive online at Brunch.us and at Hirshleifer 1910 (Hirshleifers.com), and in stores at Le Brunch Store and Hirshleifers.

Shop the collection here 



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