l'Essentiel vs. Le Classic

Brunch L'Essentiel Slipper vs. Brunch Le Classic Slipper

l'Essentiel vs. Le Classic

l’Essentiel  the most essential footwear in your closet but in French. 
Why French? Because it looked cooler. 

l’Essentiel slippers deliver everyday luxury with even more comfort and durability. 


Designed with form and function in mind, l’Essentiel is designed with a 100% recycled polyester footbed lining and has an extra padded and contoured footbed for all-day comfort and lasting support. 


Aesthetically, the slipper features a soft terry upper made from 42% recycled polyester and has a durable outsole made from 20% recycled materials that is inspired by the cobblestone streets of New York City

Le Classic: 

Launching in 2020, Le Classic is Brunch’s debut design and was originally inspired by hotel slippers. First of its kind, the slipper features a clean terry cloth upper and low profile PU outsole. 

Meanwhile, the footbed is lined with the same soft terry and padded with EVA foam for extra comfort and support. 

Both Brunch favorites are designed for indoor and outdoor wear. 

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