In celebration of the launch of our first ever “slipper with a back”, Brunch has planned the perfect 90s-inspired road trip. So how does one go about preparing for their journey on wheels? 

1.The Route: 

The journey is often more important than the destination. With that in mind, we curated a map filled with hidden gems, great restaurants, and pit stops. Check it out here and save it for your next adventure.

2. Your vehicle 

The 1995 white Range Rover Classic is a perfect homage to the 90's, where a road trip was nothing but long conversations, scenery passing, and your latest mixtape. We chose a car that has durability, wiggle room, and, most importantly, style.

3. Keep the snacks ready

For the in-between moments, snacks are going to be your best friend. We bought all of our favorite snacks and also made custom Brunch lays chips not found at your local gas station. Here’s a list for snacks you can munch on on your next roadtrip - Pop Tarts, Gushers, Dunkaroos, Fruit by the Foot , Little Bites, Capri Sun, Arizona Ice Tea,  Kool Aid Bursts, Pretzel Stix , Pringles, Oreo Straws, Rice Krispy Treats, Blow Pops, Oreos, Haribo Gummies, Gatorade, and Nachos.

4. Music 

Sometimes, a road trip can lead into a snooze fest, however, this 90s throwback playlist we made for you will keep your energy up. Don’t forget to download it offline here.

There is something very liberating about the open road. With the Le Explorers, we encourage you to take on the unexpected twists and turns of life’s next great adventure - With the sun upon your face and comfort at your feet, we are here to make sure you’ll enjoy the ride. 





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