Brunch x L'Appartement 4F Slipper Collab



This story begins in a tiny cobble hill apartment; the beeping of timers going off, the smoothness of fresh butter, and the whiff of freshly baked pastries. Ashley, a school nurse, and Gautier, a self taught baker fell in love, pastry at first sight. Determined to bring French pâtisserie the authentic way into America, the couple embarked on a tedious journey to master the perfect croissant; buttery, flaky, and layered with each bite. Each handmade croissant, with the finest French ingredients started to gain local acclaim as even the harshest French critic would applaud. Very soon, they journeyed from a tiny cobble hill apartment to their very own bakery in Brooklyn heights.

With their core foundation of food and family, this partnership aligned instantly to bring Ashley and Gautiers remarkable love story to Le Brunch Store on 50 Bond St. Photographed by Anthony Cosme, and video produced by Kenny Beyda, shooting content in both their original cobblestone apartment and their current bakery, we hope to capture the essence of how they came to be L4F, authentically built from hand. 

At the center of the partnership, we designed, L’Amour, a suede clog that combines the elegance of L4F and comfort of Brunch, truly effortless. We are also excited to announce the launch of our co-branded custom mini croissant cereal; petite cereale au nutella. These miniature croissant cereals have the same level of dedication as their full-sized counterparts; and for the first time ever, we will be taking their viral mini croissants and infusing them with a custom nutella flavor! 

Join us as we celebrate food, family, and friendship by marking the next chapter in this beautiful love story.

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