As part of our Class of '76 campaign launch, Brunch has cleared the Amazon Wishlist of some very special teachers in the New York area that were in need of supplies for the school year. Some supplies these teachers were expected to purchase themselves were books, ink cartridges, and storage. 

A few words from teachers we've gifted:

“Many of my students are low income/ ESL/IEP students that need a lot of small group support, but we don't have the supplies needed to adequately support them in small group and differentiate instruction” - Laurie (4th grade)

“Since it is my first time having my own classroom, I truly would like to set it up for 16-18 year old, autistic special education students can come into their safe haven” - Caroline (functional life skills)

[My students] come from low income homes; and in addition, a lot of their parents or caregivers do not speak English. Without any help from their guardians, a lot of students are only able to practice skills they need in school and have no one to help them and read with them at home" - Ashley (1st grade)

“As a teacher I am struggling with having materials to create activities for my students. I am piloting a brand new curriculum this year which requires me to print, laminate, cut and create activities. Having a color printer, paper. and laminating sheets will surely help this year. I am the only Kindergarten teacher in my school and do not have an aide/teacher assistant. My students are in need of flexible seating options such as floor cushions, and scoop seats.” -Sandra (Kindergarten)

Thank you teachers for all of the great work that you do! To find wishlists to clear yourself, check out @erinfoster on Instagram or click here


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