Brunchclub Zine // Issue '01

Brunchclub Zine // Issue '01

Welcome to the first issue of the Brunchclub Zine. 

Brunchclub is a community space driven by a shared love of travel, leisure, and most importantly, comfort. 

Reservation not required. 

The Brunchclub Zine takes an inside look at our latest campaign, New York IRL. 

New York IRL features l’Essentiel in everyday life. Exploring the essential moments, rituals and routines of a New Yorker, the campaign showcases iconic New York destinations and profiles through a modern lens of satire and comfort.

Flip through to learn about the campaign, it’s crazy cast of characters and the city they call home. Plus, some hidden features inside. 

Pop Up

Come hang out with us at our favorite neighborhood bodega, shop l'Essentiel  and grab a copy of the first Brunchclub zine. Limited copies available.  

Sunday, February 27th 
1:00pm - 4:00pm
SoHo News International 
186 Prince Street, New York 
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