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Brunch x Coca-Cola Slipper Collab


Brunch and Coca-Cola®️ are excited to announce a collaboration celebrating everyday leisure. A time to Pause & Refresh!

Cracking open a Coke®️ conjures many feelings for people. Refreshment on a blistering summer day, a quick pause during a walk through the old town with your partner, or an after school diner run with some friends where you’ve ordered way too many pancakes.. Brunch designs footwear exactly for these moments of effortless joy & relaxation. And for Brunch, like at Coke, comfort knows no season.

Everyone has a personal experience with Coca-Cola, a place or a memory they're instantly transported to the moment they take their first sip. Whether in a glass bottle, a metal can, or an ice-filled cup, there is nothing like the cold, crisp taste of Coke. A moment to Pause and Refresh. For this collaboration, Brunch dove into Coke’s archives and brought back the ultimate leisure moment of the 60s; a trip to your local diner.

To capture our personal experiences with Coke throughout the years, Brunch worked with an incredible team to recreate a 60’s inspired diner through the lens of BrunchCoke & leveraged this space as the centerpiece for the campaign.

The collaboration features the iconic Brunch l’Essentiel slippers in Red, White, & Navy embossed with the iconic Coca-Cola logo, inspired by the colors and upholstery of your go-to diner.

Alongside, we've released custom prints that feature Coca-Cola vintage 1960’s assets. And finally a set of accessories that include diner-style drinkware, socks & headwear in Coke’s signature red to round out the collection.

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